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Shepherds Huts & Living Vans

Shepherds Huts & Living Vans

At Holmes Hill Shepherds Huts & Living Vans we design and manufacture custom built, hand crafted huts, we aim to provide the customer with a product that matches their vision exactly, we have a purpose-built state of the art workshop; equipped with the best of every tool for the job, we believe that a job is not worth doing unless it is done absolutely perfectly.
We have worked with many satisfied customers and have produced many unique huts, large or small we are happy to tackle any project and can produce 3D images before you buy to make sure you are absolutely happy with the product you are buying!
We also have a range of huts to choose from if you are looking for non-custom projects! We have a show hut located in our carpark at Holmes Hill Estate on the A22, please come down and have a look around, we are happy to spend as long as is needed to help our customers design/choose the hut that is right for them.
Our huts are based on a traditional shepherd’s hut with would have been used to give a Shepherd shelter in the field, they were traditionally made out of materials to hand. You see many different variations of shepherd’s hut and we have our own unique style!
We also Manufacture Living vans, living vans would have been towed around years ago by a steam vehicle to wherever the workman was working, we really like the styling of a traditional living van and it is something we love to manufacture!

Please do not hesitate to contact Robert Mcfagan on 07814441550, email Robert@Mcfagan.com or come and visit our site!


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